201711 Nov 5 Gone with the Wind @ Sunshine Valley

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Donato starts his round
Eric, guest Eric Stanley, Echo, Miguel
Long Drive Winners Hakan, Jeanette, Kerry, Miguel
B Div Winners: Larry 4th, Angelika 3rd, Echo 2nd, Charles 1st with 37 points (Alan was 5th)
Div A Winners Q 5th, Jeanette 4th, Hakan 3rd (Helen won with 34pts from Marius)
En Garde for the match play final.  Q defeated Ted on the last hole
The Chairman tees off on the Tenth
New member Will Vocke, returning to IGST after 11 years away
Reiner off the Tenth
Jane, Angelika, Jeanette
The Big Event: Alan, Ted and Cobus battling for Stableford Annual Champion while Ted and Q played for the Matchplay Title
Charles, Carl, Hakan, Ian
The Par 3 140 yd Hole 8 was playing to 190yds
Neels, Marius, Kerry, John
Landy lashes out
Near Pin Winners Ray, Q, Carl, Echo, Charles