201709 Sep 23 Stbfd Rd 7 @ Sunrise G.C.

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A Division Winners: Neels 5th, Ted 1st, Dean 2nd (missing Paul Yu 3rd, Helen Lee 4th)
Ted, Cobus, new member Carl Jackson, Eric
Long Lost Lady Luke Lee with Jane, Helen, Echo
Conor was no match for Neels in the Plate Quarter Final
The Big Rematch. Ray went down to Gary on the last (36th) hole of the Matchplay Quarter Final
Sean, new member Larry Kraut, Charles, Alan
Angelika, Juan-Pablo, Donato
Long Drives - Cobus won twice and Neels took another (Jacky wpn the other)
Near Pin Winners: new member Brian Feintech and Conor (others were Carl and Helen Lee)
B Division Winners: Cobus 3rd, Charles 4th, Alan 5th and Ray representing the winner Helen Peng. (Donato 2nd left earlier)