201709 Sep 9 Sunshine Valley????

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Thrilling Matchplay Qtr Final between Ray and Gary ended All Square - now to a rematch
Ted defeated Echo in Matchplay Qtr Final
Guest Frankie with Derek and Hein - who needs rain gear?
Peter back from convalescence - with Frankie, Derek, Hein
Wrinkled Hands?  No Worries for dedicated IGSTers
Donato was prepared if Hurricane Irma changed direction
Cobus and Allan
B Division Winners: Cobus 1st, Phoebe 3rd, Charles 6th, Juan Pablo 4th, Angelika 5th (2nd place Gary had left)
A Division Winners: Ray 3rd, Peter 1st, Ted 2nd, Kerry 5th, Neels 4th (6th place winner Dean had left)
Ladies Long Drive Winners Phoebe and Echo
Long Drive Winners Cobus, Derek, Peter (Gary had left)
Near Pin Winners Kerry and Neels presented with wine by Peter on behalf of new sponsor Molovino
2nd Nearest the Pin winner Ted with his wine prize from Molovino