201707 July 21-23 Mission Hills, Haikou

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There's one in every crowd, isn't there Cokes?
Thursday evening planning meeting, on the balcony
Friday: Paul, Shilin, Juan-Pablo, Doug
That's better
The big Matchplay game: Ray edged John
Friday: Jason and Derek
Jason tees off
Friday; Eva, Stephen, Danny, Tess
The boys preferred to stay dry
Friday: Ray, John, Echo, Bernard
Friday's Prize Winners
Friday Morning: Ready to Go
All the ladies pretty in pink: Eva, Echo, Yves, Helen
Blackstone can be baffling
Ahh - that's the way for Greg, Doug, Shilin
Saturday: Ray, Melvin, Sabrina, Stephen
Ray and Stephen
Eric, Bernard, Cokes
Saturday's Winners
Saturday: Overseas Division Stableford Winners: Tess, James, Stephen, Nilson
Saturday Division B Stableford Winners: Ian, Greg, Echo, Eric
Special Effort Awards to Tess and Jane for braving the elements while John and Rojen stayed behind