201707 July 8 New Bag Tags and Old Faces

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Alan Verrion, Luke, Juan-Pablo, Rojen
Luke Trevan
Alan McIvor
New member Anita with Jane, Echo and 10 year plus member Judy
Near Pin Winners Rojen, Greg, guest Reiner, Duncan (Cokes already left)
Long Drive winners Paul, Spencer, Echo, Ted, Cornelius (Jane also won, but already left)
B Division Winners Juan-Pablo 3rd, Paul 1st - 40 pts, Reiner 5th, Doug 2nd, Echo 4th, Luke 6th
A Division Winners Murray 5th, Ray 3rd, Henry 1st, Serge 2nd, Alan 4th (Helen 6th had already left)
Three 10 year plus members Murray, Duncan, Serge with Cobus
He Men Frankie (guest), Hein, Eric, Cornelius
Landi, Cokes, Spencer, Helen
Spencer battled hard but was knocked out of the matchplay by Helen
Doug, Alan McIvor (first game for the year), Pat (guest), Henry
Henry showing the style to win Division A with 41 points
After ten years, the old bag tags were replaced by new designs as of today, thanks to Juan-Pablo and Echo