201705 May 20 Stbfd Rd 3 @ Sunshine Valley

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Grant, Jacky, guest Peter
Ladies Team: Angelika, Ted, Sunny, Echo
B Division Winners: Charles 1st, Donato 2nd, David 4th, Echo 5th, Luke 3rd, JP 6th
A Division Winners: Jacky 1st, Derek 3rd, Grant 5th, Kerry 6th; Cokes 2nd and Thomas Z 4th had left earlier
Richard, Donato, Murray, guest Charles
Dean, Kerry, Vincent
Dean - looking for his ball
Charles lost the prelim but won his matchplay vs Juan Pablo
Charles, Conor, Luke, JP
Guest Ricardo, Ray, Albert, new member Warren
Showing the brand: John, Ian, Cokes, Doug
Kerry and Vincent