201704 April 8 Better Ball Pairs Stableford @ Chang Gang

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Reiner, Mark, Alex, Henry
New Members Eric Tan and David Jackson with Angelika and Kerry
New Member Gerard van Keulen with Murray and Charles
New Members Jimmy Hsieh and Ted Wikstrom with Marius and guest Ryan Searle
Alan, Donato, Shilin, Hakan
Ian, Doug, Cobus
Traffic jam at a Par 3
3rd place with 44 points Alan and Donato
4th place with 44 points Mark (partnered by Alex)
Murray as 'acting Echo' and 2nd placed Kerry and Angelika with 45 points
Reiner, half of the winning team, scoring 48 points, along with Henry
Near Pin Winner Jimmy with Kerry as 'acting Ray'
Pairs Trophy Winners Henry and Reiner
Long Drive Winners Kerry, Cobus, Ted
Ladies Long Drive Winner Angelika
Ian, winner of Second Shot Nearest the Pin
5th place with 43 points: Shilin and Hakan