201609 Sep 3 Stfd Rd 7 @ Taipei GC

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Grant's Near Pin excited Peter as acting Echo
'Fresh Meat' Richard's Long Drive was rewarded by passionate Pete.
Kerry on a roll - Long Drive
Kerry - Near Pin, Second Nearest Pin and Lowest Gross
Kerry still rolling, taking out Div A
Reiner won Div B with 31 points
Donato, Juan Pablo, Alan, Richard
Peter took 4th Place in Div A
Neels, 3rd in Div A
Joe, Grant, Czar Peter, Neels
Derek withstood the distractions to accept his Near Pin prize
Doug, 4th Place in Div B
Luke, Katy, Doug, Reiner
Richard, giving into temptation after coming 2nd in Div A
Kerry won Div A with 37 points